Spam Vidhya : How to spam like a boss

  1. CONTENT LINK SHARING- Post 4 articles a week on blog. Post 10 links a day on Facebook to current and old content
  2. SCRAPE CONTENT- For your discussion forum Scrape content from Stack Overflow and rewrite it to make it more user-friendly. Boost SEO using link sharing (step 1)
  3. LINK SCHEMES-  Accept 70,000 rs for promoting trainings on your blog. Then post links on it.
  4. FAKE ACCOUNTS- Use fake accounts to post content on discussion forum
  5. ARBITRAGE-  Google Report spam links are here

“Webspam” refers to pages that try to trick Google into ranking them highly. Before you file a webspam report, see if the page might have a different problem:

Paid links Copyright and other legal issues
This page is selling or buying links. This page should be removed under applicable law.
Objectionable content Personal/private
This page is inappropriate. This page discloses private information.
Malware Phishing
This page is infected. This page is trying to get sensitive information.
Other Google products Rich Snippets
This page abuses Google products other than Search, e.g., AdSense, Google Maps, etc. This page doesn’t comply with Google’s rich snippets guidelines.
Something else is wrong
This page has other, non-webspam related issues.
This page is really webspam.


But Facebook addresses SPAM completely different in it’s user interface.  It actually encourages people to create fake accounts to boost content spamming though it kind of dents its own advertising promoted content revenue by doing so.

How do I report spam on Facebook?

You can report spam using the report links near most content types and features on Facebook. Keep in mind that you may have to log in to do so.

If your account is sending spam, reset your password. Malware can also sometimes cause your account to post things without your knowledge. Learn how to remove malware.

If someone is repeatedly posting something you think is spam, consider unfriending, blocking or reporting that person.

If you think someone posting spam has had their account hacked, tell them to visit the Help Center to learn how to fix it.


This leads to arbitrage opportunities in which spammy behavior in one social media is just enthusiastic behaviour in another social media.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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