Installing and Using Spark easily with Python or R on Ubuntu #python #rstats

  1. Download spark from (say to home/ajay/Desktop/BDA )
  2. Change to the directory from terminal cd /home/ajay/Desktop/BDA
  3. Unzip the file
    tar -xvf spark-1.4.1-bin-hadoop2.6.tgz
  4. Change to the directory created ( say you unizpped spark file above and renamed it spark) ajay@Inspiron-3542:~/Desktop/BDA$ cd spark
  5. Run the command ./bin/pyspark Screenshot from 2015-08-18 11:58:34
  6. To look at local jobs see (or based on what you get from your terminal after running command in step 4)

Screenshot from 2015-08-18 11:57:56








to do this with R just use .bin/sparkR

Screenshot from 2015-08-18 12:02:19




Author: Ajay Ohri

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