Using R and RapidMiner together #rstats

I just came across this interesting corporate blog, and I must confess I really like the design as well as the content in it. Simafore is an  analytics company. The post of course was on combining R with Rapid Miner

There are many packages and libraries in R, specifically tailored to handle time series forecasting in the “traditional” manner. RapidMiner integrates really well with R by providing two mechanisms:

  • an interactive console, similar to the native R console and somewhat less sophisticated thanRStudio
  • and a more powerful full integration of R capabilities within the RapidMiner process design perspective.

The first option is fairly easy to put into work, assuming you have successfully added the R extension to RapidMiner. But the second option requires some initial planning. The key is to understand how to pass data from RapidMiner to R and back. Once you understand this simple but important aspect, then R essentially becomes another powerful “operator” within the vast library of existing RapidMiner operators

you can read the complete article here

Author: Ajay Ohri

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