Is the non-Chinese Internet America’s cyber colony?

The world’s largest internet companies are either in China or USA (except for a few in Japan)

China’s strategy has helped it in the following-

  1. protect it’s citizen’s data from foreign data collection
  2. helped safeguard the industrial secrets of it’s own corporations
  3. create a domestic ecosystem that benefits it’s own entrepreneurs and investors
  4. created basic infrastructure for resisting cyber warfare (et Stuxnet virus)

Rest of the non Chinese World has now the following ignominy-

  1. Most of profits from IPOs, Ads flow to US companies
  2. US Govt arm spy in active collaboration with US companies including gathering industrial secrets for trade negotiations
  3. Almost zero non Chinese non American Internet Infrastructure
  4. built a monopoly of California led companies across rest of world
  5. led to brain drain of top technical talent to USA
  6. Great ecosystem of investors and tech in USA- to the detriment of all other countries

Internet is the new opium, and after getting the rest of the world addicted- USA law makers are abandoning core principles like net neutrality and opting for unrestricted warrant less spying , as well as preparing inroads for cyber attacks

China is correctly safeguarding the future interests of it’s citizens- while the rest of the world is now a cyber colony mostly occupied by USA

Quo Vadis?

Countries have no friends, only interests

Author: Ajay Ohri

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