Google’s dream has been lost : Rise of American Cyber Imperialism

Google was built of burying the concept of information asymmetry and spreading knowledge. Yes the ads were there, but they were just a way to make money without being evil

It was just a continuation of the process that the Gutenberg press and the Internet brought about. Products like Adsense and acquisitions like Youtube, Android and Blogger proved that Google not only helped you find content it helped you create content too.

But if the old desktop Monopoly was thwarted, a new more sinister monopoly has been born. With an increasingly corrupted political system manipulated by political lobbying, search engine queries are now logged , and neatly transferred to the American Government ‘s non elected branches. Using existing loopholes in existing law, we now face a frightening future in which the novel 1984 is more likely to be a Google sponsored movie coming soon to a computer screen near you.

When you click every ad that Google shows, remember you are helping fund the NSA as well. The rise of a neo imperialism led primarily by US/ Anglo Saxon /Western   alliances shows why the Chinese and Russian governments are actually right in being skeptical about the glasnost and perestroika that American establishment offered.

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. Today, Data is Power and the biggest collector of Data has chosen to hide behind a decade long slogan, Trust Me, I am not Evil.

Dude, Seriously!

The Galactic Empire is being built on Data ……


Author: Ajay Ohri

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