Sunburst and Cartograms in R

There are still some graphs that cannot be yet made in R using a straightforward function or package.

One is sunburst (which is  radial kind of treemap-that can be made in R). See diagrams below to see the difference. Note sunburst is visually similar to coxcomb (Nightangle) graphs. Coxcombs can also be manipulated and made- but I am yet to find a straight package to make coxcomb using a single function _histdata package in R comes close in terms on historical datasets.

The Treemap uses a rectangular, space-filling slice-and-dice technique to visualize objects in the different levels of a hierarchy. The area and color of each item corresponds to an attribute of the item as well.

The Sunburst technique is an alternative, space-filling visualization that uses a radial rather than a rectangular layout. An example Sunburst display is shown below. citation-

Coxcomb Below-



Other is cartogram -whose packages are MIA  -RCartogram is very basic package – It is better to use Toad Scraper software than R for this kind of map.

Cartograms are  used to produce spatial plots where the boundaries of regions can be transformed to be proportional to density/counts/populations. This is illustrated in plots such as

Mark Newman’s plot of People living with HIV/AIDS
Citation: Friendly, Michael (2001), Gallery of Data Visualization, Electronic document,,Accessed: 03/23/2012 18:23:33

Author: Ajay Ohri

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