Using Google Analytics API with R:dimensions and metrics

I modified the query I wrote earlier  at get multiple dimensions and metrics from the Google Analytics API, like hour of day,day of week to get cyclical parameters.We are adding the dimensions, and metrics to bring more depth in our analysis.Basically we are trying to do a time series analysis for forecasting web analytics data( which is basically time -stamped and rich in details ).

Basically I am modifying the dimensions and metrics parameters of the query code using the list at


query <- QueryBuilder()
query$Init( = "2011-08-20",
          = "2012-08-25",
                   dimensions = c("ga:date","ga:hour","ga:dayOfWeek"),
                   metrics = c("ga:visitors","ga:visits","ga:pageviews","ga:timeOnSite"),
                   sort = c("ga:date","ga:hour","ga:dayOfWeek"),
          = paste(profiles$profile[3,3]))

#5. Make a request to get the data from the API <- ga$GetReportData(query)

#6. Look at the returned data 



and we need the lubridate package to create a ymd:hour (time stamp)    since GA gives data aggregated at a hourly level at most. Also we need to smoothen the effect of weekend on web analytics data.

#Using package lubridate to convert character dates into time

names(dataset1) <- make.names(names(dataset1))

To be continued-

Author: Ajay Ohri

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