Analyzing AdSense

I ran a recent experiment on my website- subjugating it to CTR ads (and not just the banner ads). Of course there is hardly a choice I have except for Google Adsense-and let me know if you know any reliable alternatives.

This is what the analytics says

So basically 43 ads out of 147,305 Ads were clicked.

This makes a Google Adsense ad/algorithm/you almost 99.971% of the time to ignore it, ( I am assuming some of the 147,362 ads which were not clicked were a bit annoying)

So I apologize to yall -Adsense aint making no sense, as they would say in old Tennessee

Still $12 per month when directed to charity is good enough…I donated some to Wikipedia.

$19.77 AdSense Revenue
$0.42 AdSense Revenue / 1000 Visits
43 AdSense Ads Clicked
0.00 AdSense Ads Clicked / Visit
0.09% AdSense CTR
$0.42 AdSense eCPM
147,305 AdSense Ads Viewed
2.92 AdSense Unit Impressions / Visit
46,585 AdSense Page Impressions
0.99 AdSense Page Impressions / Visit

Author: Ajay Ohri

2 thoughts on “Analyzing AdSense”

  1. Thanks for sharing your stats – interesting indeed, but it is against Adsense TOS to share this kind of data… I’d hate to see Google cancel your Adsense account, because once they cut you loose they don’t give second chances….

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