Movie Review :Bodyguard (Bollywood)

This is part of Salman Khan’s trilogy quadrology after Wanted, Dabangg, Ready and now Bodyguard  in remakes of South Indian movies with pumping slow motion /fast moving action and hummable songs, slapstick comedy, typical Bollywood drama and packaged in a nice box for you to eat and savour. This is not cinema in the class of gourmet, but cinema in the class of chat, gol gappas and hot dogs (if you get the metaphor- you will get the movie as well)


The movie is actually nice, the actors are well casted , for a change this is actually a script, the humor is bearable if 300 people in the movie theatre are laughing with you, in some places the comic scenes are good. Salman Khan starts with a wooden expression for his bodyguard facial expressions, but by the end Kareena Kapoor and Salman prove why they are the numero uno entertainers in the world’s largest  movie crazy market (by volume of movies). I liked it better than Wanted and Ready, and almost as nice as Dabangg.

and yes Salman and Kareena look  good together!

Watch it to enjoy, and take some pleasure from the simple things of life.

Author: Ajay Ohri

5 thoughts on “Movie Review :Bodyguard (Bollywood)”

  1. What a shitty ass movie. So I’ll give it a pass on storyline since it’s an action movie and no one really expects a good storyline in action movie. But what the fuck, I was atleast expecting a good action scene. What this movie gives you is a cheap, crappy, and poorly choreographed action sequences. In some scenes Salman just flies in the air without moving his limbs like a cardboard cutout figure. Ahhhhh Salman, tuche kya ho gaya yaar. Kabhi kabhi aacha movie bhi banaya karo.

  2. oh cmon guys.. the ending of the movie sucks! i mean he ending up marrying kareena’s friend, and then he got together with her. its retarded. and it has nothing to do with him being a bodyguard. there was barely any action, and it was all fake and edited. i personally thought the movie was average. but definitly not worth being a superhit

  3. I am not a Sallu fan but I would say that he has done well in & as Bodyguard.

    I am a big fan of the director; Siddique who has delivered around 6 or 7 blockbusters (without a single flop) in Malayalam. It was really interesting to see how he would perform in bollywood and how other viewers (outside Malayalam) would accept him. I think he has done well and I would like remind you guys that Siddique is capable of making much better movies.

    Among Malayalam, Tamil & Hindi versions of Bodyguard; Salman is better than Dileep/Vijay and Nayanthara is better than Asin/Kareena…

    by Shumbu

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