Delay Deny Obfuscate

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delay deny obfuscate
remember all the promises you break
and all the love you fake
aint no piece of cake

even though the oaths you take
became lines in sand that you stake
cleaning the leaves of time you rake
much depends on the choices you make

going on anon till this rhythm i must break
sometimes you know when it is too much to take
mourning now in your personal life’s wake
you earned this trip to the melancholy lake

how much more how long till you break
down and confess your appearances are fake
you never anyone except your ego to partake
on your thirst for glory to slake

delay deny obfuscate
delude spin and permeate
love is good and addictive but so is hate
much depends on what all you rate

fear uncertainty doubt and cloud
are your companions most profound
is it just today or were

you always this loud



Author: Ajay Ohri

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