I am surrounded by people
of dazzling brilliance , beauty and mind
Sometimes they are in the room in my face
Sometimes we interact digitally online

I would never be so cunning
So sharp, astute and yet so polite
I feel sometimes like a little cave man
who has stumbled upon the first artificial light

Or like a flattened sunflower
in a field of tall yellow poppy flower
I am bright but still a medium-ochre
In the middle of all that bright golden power

Maybe I will never be a genius
Die unrequited unsung like billions before
Hey I tried to live up to all that potential
But the pretending and defending was too much of a chore

so mediocre and such a medium ochre
my shining shall be twinkly winkly so-s0
it was a blast and atleast we tried
played ,laughed ,partied then died.

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Author: Ajay Ohri

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