How crowded is the neighborhood?

How crowded is India compared to the United States? Around 11 times. Thats based on number of person per square km.

How crowded is India compared to China? Around 2.5 times.

– Based on the following procedure-

  1. Data Sources – . With Pivotable tables, downloaded the CSV file.
  2. Creating a new spreadsheet in Google Docs, I copied and pasted data in the csv file
  3. Using Gadgets- I inserted the Gadget for Motion Chart which is based on Hans Rosling’s famous Gapminder Bubble Chart.

– Some Thoughts

It is not surprising that most immigration (legal and illegal) occurs from high population density countries with stretched resources to lower density countries with higher levels of living. Generally smaller sized countries like Japan, Singapore, Macau (china) have outlier densities as well.

– Also, the Adobe AIR desktop application by Gapminder is quite the best application for this as well. Speaking of which_ I hope other Linux application developers can learn from Adobe AIR’s way of graphics /data visualization.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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