Not so AWkward after all: R GUI RKWard

I saw two packages bundled with Ubuntu ( one was R Cmdr) which I have talked about before ( for some reason Rattle continues to give some problem with Ubuntu)

The other R GUI is RKWard.

This one is clearly inspired by SPSS GUI design and though not so nifty and lite as R Cmdr can be used for higher end stuff

The website is here-

Some screenshots created by me- I swear I only used the mouse while doing this- no keyboard hence a true GUI.



  • New features / improvements in latest version

– Add Stata data file import plugin (by Michael Ash) –

For much better screenshots see-














It still could do with more community testing and support and some of the Desktop performance was not that great ( code generated was clunky and reminded me of other GUIs that sit too heavy on command line unlike RCmdr)

Truly impressive is the multiple flexibility offered in details ( like for Plots or for Graphical Analysis)-

and with the help of a Citrix Server on the INTERNET, can POTENTIALLY be offered on Amazon EC2 environment for as low as 2.5 $ per hour for heavy data processing AND stats analysis (with no hardware OR software legacy costs)


Author: Ajay Ohri

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