Social Media and Analytics

TeraData has launched a terrific Facebook campaign. It’s got great video You Tube ads ( of the funny kind), lots of fans, and catchy slogans.

This is an example of a company creating buzz by using social media. I kind of liked the idea of the free TeraData iphone application.

To quote recent announcements from Curt Monash’s blog ( ) –

Teradata is productizing “private cloud, including working with Amazon on EC2.

and most tellingly

Teradata has achieved a 300%ish speed-up in geospatial processing. I gather this is largely a byproduct of the parallel analytics work Teradata did around strengthening its SAS integration. However, there don’t seem to be a lot of Teradata geospatial users yet.

Curt Monash’s blog is a must read for any one interested in Business Intelligence careers. DBMS2 is a blog with all the inside info from a variety of industry sources since Dr Monash has been here since 1981 and probably was a Business Intelligence expert  even beofre they came up with term “business analytics’ or “business intelligence”. You can contact/ follow him on Twitter at and

Other example of Database companies using Social Media are at



I also liked updates from the SPSS and the SAS pages-


( Note only the people at SAS Publishing have managed to use the new custom domain name feature by Facebook)

This is again something that strikes me again and again-

People great at writing code in very technical things like Linux or even Super Computing find it difficult to study and make improvements in their Twitter , Blog or Facebook pages. Even though the technical effort and time taken to learn them is less than 5 % of the time taken to learn new technologies AND more importantly the incremental benefit from using more Video Presentations, a better looking Blog or  more active Tweeting is SIGNIFICANT in terms of MARKETING ROI.

Social Media Value for a growing technology company/ authors/ open source communities =

Incremental Publicity from FB , Twitter, Blog DIVIDED by Incremental cost of Twitter, Facebook, Blogging ( say 4 hours a week cumulative)

The maths says that Social Media makes sense in terms of return on time taken to publicize your book, your writing or your technology. AND it’s mostly cheaper than other marketing sources.

Good Software sometimes makes way for Average Software WITH Creative Marketing.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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