REVolution Computing fails to create a Revolution

REvolution Computing had created big expectations with it’s pedigreed open source credentials

They followed it with the exciting 64 bit version for R and components for Parallel R- and then waited . It seemed  they would RATHER  lie low and not annoy Microsoft etc ( their funding and technical partners as per their own words) and (Masters of the Open Source management game)

THAN do the following –

1) Create a better GUI for more retail acceptance among stats users ( so as not to undercut Microsoft SQL Analysis Server)

2) Create a cloud computing API for Amazon EC2 or a private cloud offering like SAS or just about anyone else (hoping to wait for Microsoft Azure)

3) Invest more in standardizing the documentation and help for R (for corporate users the R help list wont do and search the archives wont do.)

4) Give or share economic incentives to other R package developers for algols which can be used for Business Intelligence or Enterprise wide analytics.

If they create a R Online Doc , acceptance of R would be so much better would not it.

Sadly, R or R plus or Enterprise R would then fizzle out much like the once promising and now defunct except in musuems  S or  Splus.

Sorry guys, but we dont buy it anymore.  This was never about changing the world. It was always about the money, isn’t it.

Your call. Your product.

I will wait till they come with a new language to succeed R ( maybe like Zee).

Or till they get excited about it again ( yes we got the NY times to write an 4 th page again!!)

see below a graph from a better R graph gallery.

Author: Ajay Ohri

One thought on “REVolution Computing fails to create a Revolution”


    R is not going to the museum like S plus. R will quickly overtake the market for professional stats tools, just as Linux overtook the server software market. And Revolutions will profit like like RedHat did.

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