Live Streaming for Free : UStream

Here is an excellent website allows you to Live Stream your conference for free. Its called U Stream and quite catchingly it’s motto is “You are On”

Even better you can stream live to the Internet from your Mobile, alert all your Twitter followers AND even run ads and get 50 % on that stream. For free. For IPhone users they can record and THEN stream the recording ( Android can directly stream)


Create your own broadcast! It takes just minutes…
1. Create your Ustream account
2. Plug in your cam
3. Log in, then select “Your Shows”
4. Type in the name of your show, then click “Broadcast Now”
5. When asked, “allow” the broadcast console to access your video camera or webcam
6. Click “Start Broadcast” in the console. You are now live!
It’s that easy. Sign up for Ustream now!

Author: Ajay Ohri

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