Backedup or Hacked Up was undergoing some hacking attacks this past two weeks.

Backing up WordPress Blog-

  • use export feature in wordpress to create files.
  • If your number of articles is more than 70, then create multiple usernames, export using bulk apply to seperate wordpress xml files.
  • then in site, import the various xml files ( note multiple file method avoid corruption and using bulk apply -change author – makes it very fast)


  1. once your blog is updated, use a wild card redirect so as to preserve your search engine traffic. Your Backup is now online even if your original site is hacked
  2. Use the server to access your .htaccess file to check whether rouge redirects happened.
  3. Use logs of server access ( painful but true) to pinpoint IP addresses of hack attacks ( note hackers WOULD use relay servers to disguise IP addresses)
  4. To prevent domain name hijacking, make sure your information is private
  5. Change your email passwords, security questions, server passwords. Use random password generators to create secure passwords.
  6. To prevent rogue malware from infecting your laptop create a dual boot Ubuntu/Windows laptop using a 10 minute tutorial. Use the Ubuntu Linux boot to do all the above operations.
  7. Inform the Federal authorities in cyber crime division with the server logs and a SPECIFIC complaint ( no rambling sob stories)
  8. Pray to God, Matt ( both Cutts and Mullenweg), and if all above steps fail ask Donncha O Caoimh at to step in. 

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