Switching to WordPress.com

Some of you may have noticed that the domain name http://www.decisionstats.com now redirects to http://www.decisionstats.wordpress.com

Note ALL Content has been moved- some images may be not showing up but that would be transitioned shortly.

This is done because of the following-

1) Get more traffic from http://www.wordpress.com blogs thanks to the related blogs/posts feature.

2) I no longer have time and money to keep fiddling with my self hosted blog. Let Matt Muelberg worry about it.

3) It is more secure ( touch wood and cross fingers) to have a wordpress.com than a self hosted wordpress site. This is true due to recnt hacking attacks on wordpress sites.

4) I plan to launch a new site http://www.dudeofdata.com which is aimed at making analytics and BI fun for undergraduate and high school students.

Decisionstats now has 600 RSS readers, 170 Facebook fans, 880 Linkedin members , 1100 Twitter followers and more than 8000 page views /5-6000 unique visitors a month WITHOUT any advertising support or vendor affiliation.

More importantly it’s interviews are read and re read by many people. (My inspiration for interviews was Larry King -the longest serving media journalist)

Thanks for your support ( even the occasional fellow techie brother spammer/hackers) and I hope to add more features shortly (like Videos- Tutorials etc)


Ajay Ohri

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