R releases new version R 2.9.2

What is new in 2.9.2 (technical details not marketing spit and shine),

what didnt work in 2.9.1 ( shockingly bugs are fixed openly !!)


    o   install.packages(NULL) now lists packages only once even if they
        occur in more than one repository (as the latest compatible
        version of those available will always be downloaded).

    o   approxfun() and approx() now accept a 'rule' of length two, for
        easy specification of different interpolation rules on left and

        They no longer segfault for invalid zero-length specification
        of 'yleft, 'yright', or 'f'.

    o   seq_along(x) is now equivalent to seq_len(length(x)) even where
        length() has an S3/S4 method; previously it (intentionally)
        always used the default method for length().

    o   PCRE has been updated to version 7.9 (for bug fixes).

    o   agrep() uses 64-bit ints where available on 32-bit platforms
        and so may do a better job with complex matches.
        (E.g. PR#13789, which failed only on 32-bit systems.)


    o   R CMD Rd2txt is deprecated, and will be removed in 2.10.0.
        (It is just a wrapper for R CMD Rdconv -t txt.)

    o   tools::Rd_parse() is deprecated and will be removed in 2.10.0
        (which will use only Rd version 2).


    o   parse_Rd() still did not handle source reference encodings

    o   The C utility function PrintValue no longer attempts to print
        attributes for CHARSXPs as those attributes are used
        internally for the CHARSXP cache.  This fixes a segfault when
        calling it on a CHARSXP from C code.

    o   PDF graphics output was producing two instances of anything
        drawn with the symbol font face. (Report from Baptiste Auguie.)

    o   length(x) <- newval and grep() could cause memory corruption.

    o   If model.matrix() was given too large a model, it could crash
        R. (PR#13838, fix found by Olaf Mersmann.)

    o   gzcon() (used by load()) would re-open an open connection,
        leaking a file descriptor each time. (PR#13841)

    o   The checks for inconsistent inheritance reported by setClass()
        now detect inconsistent superclasses and give better warning

    o   print.anova() failed to recognize the column labelled
        P(>|Chi|) from a Poisson/binomial GLM anova as a p-value
        column in order to format it appropriately (and as a
        consequence it gave no significance stars).

    o   A missing PROTECT caused rare segfaults during calls to
        load().  (PR#13880, fix found by Bill Dunlap.)

    o   gsub() in a non-UTF-8 locale with a marked UTF-8 input
        could in rare circumstances overrun a buffer and so segfault.

    o   R CMD Rdconv --version was not working correctly.

    o   Missing PROTECTs in nlm() caused "random" errors. (PR#13381 by
        Adam D.I. Kramer, analysis and suggested fix by Bill Dunlap.)

    o   Some extreme cases of pbeta(log.p = TRUE) are more accurate
        (finite values < -700 rather than -Inf).  (PR#13786)

        pbeta() now reports on more cases where the asymptotic
        expansions lose accuracy (the underlying TOMS708 C code was
        ignoring some of these, including the PR#13786 example).

    o   new.env(hash = TRUE, size = NA) now works the way it has been
        documented to for a long time.

    o   tcltk::tk_choose.files(multi = TRUE) produces better-formatted
        output with filenames containing spaces.  (PR#13875)

    o   R CMD check --use-valgrind did not run valgrind on the package

    o   The tclvalue() and the print() and as.xxx methods for class
        "tclObj" crashed R with an invalid object -- seen with an
        object saved from an earlier session.

    o   R CMD BATCH garbled options -d <debugger> (useful for
        valgrind, although --debugger=valgrind always worked)

    o   INSTALL with LazyData and Encoding declared in DESCRIPTION
        might have left options("encoding") set for the rest of the
        package installation.

And from www.r-project.org the remaining updated news
  • R version 2.9.2 has been released on 2009-08-24. The source code will first become available in this directory, and eventually via all of CRAN. Binaries will arrive in due course (see download instructions above).
  • The first issue of The R Journal is now available
  • The R Foundation as been awarded four slots for R projects in the Google Summer of Code 2009.
  • DSC 2009, The 6th workshop on Directions in Statistical Computing, has been held at the Center for Health and Society, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, July 13-14, 2009.
  • useR! 2009, the R user conference, has been be held at Agrocampus Rennes, France, July 8-10, 2009.
  • useR! 2010, the R user conference, will be held at NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, July 21-23, 2010.
  • We have started to collect information about local UseR Groups in the R Wiki.

Citation – http://www.r-project.org

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