terrific Tr.im trims Tweet time

Okay, the title of the post was bad attempt at a haiku. But the tr.im plugin for Firefox is incredible and helps you tweet interesting reading in matter of seconds. More importantly it shows you the analytics behind how many actual users went to that particular tr.im url. While Tr.im is yet another url shortening service like the tinyurl.com and bit.ly services, what makes Tr.im stand out in a terrific manner are the following innovations –

1) User friendly Firefox Plugin that can be downloaded from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/10232/

See the screenshot of the Tr.im panel which conveniently opens on the left. The Statistics can be seen in the separate window ( note the Twitterfox application which is also open on the right – that is a separate application)

2) Analytics for tracking the locations, of people who click on the url and whether they were human or a bot.

3) Seamless Twitter integration even for multiple accounts

So it seems like you will run out of excuses to run away from Twitter soon, and all the additional social network data being generated could really help the next generation of response and online propensity models.

Tr.im that!!


Author: Ajay Ohri


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