Cloud say hello to R. R say hello to Cloud.


Here is a terrific project from Biocep which I have covered before in January at

But with some exciting steps ahead at

Basically add open source R , create a user friendly GUI, host it on a cloud computer to better crunch data, and save hardware costs as well. Basically upload, crunch data, download.

Save hardware costs and software costs in recession. Before your boss decides to save his staffing costs.


    Biocep combines the capabilities of R and the flexibility of a Java based distributed system to create a tool of considerable power and utility. A Biocep based R virtualization infrastructure has been successfully deployed on the British National Grid Service, demonstrating its usability and usefulness for researchers. 

    The virtual workbench enhances the user experience and the productivity of anyone working with R.

A lovely presentation on it is here

and I am taking an extract

What is missing now

High Level Java API for Accessing R

Stateful, Resuable, Remotable R Components

Scalable, Distributed, R Based Infrastructure

Safe multiple clients framework for components usage as a pool of indistinguishable Remote Resources

User friendly Interface for the remote resources creation, tracking and debugging

    Citation: Karim Chine, "Biocep, Towards a Federative, Collaborative, User-Centric,Grid-Enabled and Cloud-Ready Computational Open Platform,"
    escience,pp.321-322, 2008 Fourth IEEE International Conference on eScience, 2008

Ajay- With thanks to Bob Marcus for pointing this out from an older post of mine. I did write on this in August on the Ohri framework but that was before recession moved me out from cloud computing to blog computing.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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