Metrics and Tools for Social Media Analysis


An interesting question put on Linkedin group here by James Wright  is

What kind of metrics are currently out there for social media marketing?

Some responses were –

  • number of "friends" on Facebook, Myspace, and LinkedIn,
  • number of blog subscribers,
  • number of comments on blog posts,
  • the number of links to blog posts,
  • the number of brand related tweets
  • where your leads are coming from
  • a Google alert for phrases that are important to your business,
  • referrals from embedded content/re-tweets that originated (use
  • ROI
  • a follow-up email or sign-up page that asks "How did you hear about us?"
  • Cost per lead,
  • cost per engagement,
  • cost per action


Some recommended tools were  –


(Ajay- Let me know if you know any more tools or metrics for social media measurement )

Author: Ajay Ohri

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