Dataset too big for R ?

In case you have a dataset too big for fitting in memory for R, there is a package called biglm .

You install it like this-

install.packages("biglm", dep=TRUE)



  Information on package ‘biglm’


Package:       biglm
Type:          Package
Title:         bounded memory linear and generalized linear models
Version:       0.6
Date:          2005-09-24
Author:        Thomas Lumley
Maintainer:    Thomas Lumley <>
Description:   Regression for data too large to fit in memory
License:       GPL
Suggests:      RSQLite, RODBC
Enhances:      leaps
Packaged:      Tue Feb 24 10:47:44 2009; tlumley
Built:         R 2.8.1; i386-pc-mingw32; 2009-02-24 21:35:12; windows


bigglm                  Bounded memory linear regression
biglm                   Bounded memory linear regression
predict.bigglm          Predictions from a biglm/bigglm

and in case you are the statistical kind of chap who want to know whats IN the code for these functions

function (formula, data, family = gaussian(), …)
UseMethod("bigglm", data)
<environment: namespace:biglm>


R tip of the day If you want to know what an R Function say procmeans does..all you need to do is type procmeans at the command prompt , and it will tell you what is inside the code.

If it gives an error most probably you need to

1) Install

and 2) Load the package containing the function

Which are conveniently here


credit source –

Author: Ajay Ohri

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