Trusting Google

If Google is to believed the error was a human error in their bad site list, when someone wrote “\” as a bad file. This led to all sites being flagged as malware.

When that happened, customers for a time sample of 40 minutes , did the following

1) Went ahead and clicked on site they knew was okay

2) Wrote to Google on the error

3) Clicked on some sites but didn’t click on less trustable sites

The data collected from that sample is now being studied by Google. Why are they studying it ? Because in some way that clicking data, including time of search, time of clicks, frequency of repeated searches can lead to a ranking system for flagging malware sites which use popular keywords using the Adwords system ,and serving the newly discovered viruses in recent history ( including the ones which create dummy bots ) of computers.

Has Adwords been corrupted? Can Adwords be infiltrated ? Would Google tell us or try and fix the problem and then tell us?

As Andy Grove said ‘ Where the Paranoid survive”. Store all information of your Google searches, your Google Analytics data,your Orkut ,your emails and your YouTube for last nine months and anyone can have a pretty fair idea of what work,play ,hobbies you are up to. Remember Click fraud makes money for Google too- and even a 1 % increase in Click fraud rates increases Google’s quarterly earnings.

I trust Google and the “ Don’t be evil “ philosophy. But the philosophy and an apology cannot be the only safeguards for the privacy for billions of humans.


We Trust God. Everyone else has to bring data. Even Google. But guess what – Google wont share the data even for how they build the Chinese walls between commercial ads and search results.That’s more like a closed –source route,isn’t it.

Don’t worry. Just trust Google.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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