Check out KNIME from if you are looking for modular data extensibility and ability to do exploratory analysis. You can use it for data modeling using decision tree and extend it further. Thanks to Bob Schultz and REVolution Computing guys as well as Mike Zeller of for leading- pointing me this way.

  • Yes they ( have a commercial version as well as free version.
  • No, they wont charge you in hidden costs. Including training or learning time etc.
  • Yes , they do use PMML for porting data from platforms.
  • Best of all , it is great website with video tutorials and segmented data downloads ( German efficiency !!) while the website is functional but uses HTML 4.0 ( which is from the seventies.or the eighties. or whatever)
  • No, they wont charge you for it !!!

From the website –


KNIME, pronounced [naim], is a modular data exploration platform that enables the user to visually create data flows (often referred to as pipelines), selectively execute some or all analysis steps, and later investigate the results through interactive views on data and models.

KNIME was developed (and will continue to be expanded) by the Chair for Bioinformatics and Information Mining at the University of Konstanz, Germany. The group headed by Michael Berthold is also using KNIME for teaching and research at the University. Quite a number of new data analysis methods developed at the chair are integrated in KNIME. Let us know if you are looking for something in particular, not all of those modules are part of the standard KNIME release just yet…

KNIME base version already incorporates over 100 processing nodes for data I/O, preprocessing and cleansing, modelling, analysis and data mining as well as various interactive views, such as scatter plots, parallel coordinates and others. It integrates all analysis modules of the well known Weka data mining environment and additional plugins allow R-scripts to be run, offering access to a vast library of statistical routines.

KNIME is based on the Eclipse platform and, through its modular API, easily extensible.



Coming up- Technical comparison of KNIME with Rapid Miner ( – which is similar in both free version and commercial licensing.These are both data mining rather than predictive analytics products.

I wish they host both KNIME as well as Rapid Miner on the Cloud using the Ohri Framework ( a joke which began on the SAS Consulting Group) on a Windows 64 OS , with remote desktop like functionality.So me just  logins , uploads the data,press button, wait for a sec and downloads the results.

Sigh  !!

( All screenshots in this post are acknowledged of

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