More Analytics in the Cloud

Here is a company called which does this- upload data, crunch and share it.




Other softwares include Cloudbase released by and available at

"CloudBase is a data warehouse system for Terabyte and Petabyte scale analytics. It is built on top of Map-Reduce architecture. The current code has been developed to Hadoop‘s map-reduce implementation. CloudBase allows you to query flat log files using ANSI SQL. It comes with JDBC driver so you can use any JDBC database manager application (e.g Squirrel) as front end. CloudBase is developed by and is released to open source community under GNU General Public License 2.0." 


A third product is Vertica , which can be seen here



The benefits are "

Vertica Analytic Database for the Cloud is an on-demand version of Vertica’s blazingly fast, grid-enabled columnar database hosted on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud. The pay-as-you-go offering enables companies to create large, high-performance analytic data marts without upfront data center costs and delays.

Built for the Cloud
Vertica is the only cloud-based analytic database with the following innovations, which enable it to manage terabytes of data faster and more reliably than any other cloud database:

  • “Scale-out” grid architecture – handles changing workloads as elastically as the cloud
  • Aggressive data compression – keeps storage costs low
  • Automatic K-Safety – provides replication, failover and recovery in the cloud

New Business Intelligence Possibilities
Vertica for the Cloud completely changes the economics of BI, making it possible to rapidly
initiate a much broader spectrum of analytic projects and businesses:

  • Ad-hoc and short-lived business analytic projects
  • New analytic Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses
  • Vertica Analytic Database proof of concept projects

Benefits of Vertica for the Cloud:

  • Fastest “Time to Terabyte” – Fully provisioned and ready for loading within minutes
  • Fastest performance – 100x to 1000x faster than other cloud databases
  • Runs 24×7 – Automatic K-Safety makes Vertica the only failure-resilient analytic cloud DBMS
  • Lowest startup cost – No upfront hardware, data center or admin overhead. Just pay for database usage until you’re done, then stop paying for it
  • Painless scalability – Scales seamlessly as data volume changes
  • Smallest footprint – Compresses data up to 90% to lower costs and improve performance
  • Proven platform – Hosted by Amazon, within their proven data center



But if you want to directly start experimenting with the Amazon Ec2 , costs are not verey high. Remember it is a pay as you go system. As an analytics supplier looking to cut costs , the cloud computing paradigm seems the fastest way to do so.


Author: Ajay Ohri

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