A Base SAS to Java Compiler

Here is a nice SAS to Java compiler. It basically cuts away at the problem of executing legacy SAS code, SAS training and focusses on executing the tasks in Java thus making them much faster.

It’s available at http://dullesopen.com/

And its free for personal use.And academic use.


I quote from the website "

Carolina Benefits

Converting Base SAS® to Java with Carolina provides two main benefits to enterprises:

  • Savings on license fees. Carolina costs about 70% less than SAS.
  • Performance gains. Carolina-converted code runs significantly faster than the native SAS program.

Additional Benefits

  • Greater flexibility. Java is an industry-standard environment that runs on all platforms. It is much easier to support than the legacy SAS environment it replaces.
  • Better integration. Carolina, as a Java application, supports web services through true J2EE integration.
  • Flawless automated conversion. Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual conversion.
  • Simpler contracts. Carolina is licensed in a simple, straightforward fashion.
  • Reduced training costs. Carolina-converted programs can be understood by analysts without training in SAS, and SAS-trained analysts don’t need to learn a new programming language."

Author: Ajay Ohri


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