Some Business Analytics Questions

My presentation at the Timesgroup office went well. I have uploaded a copy on to the Google Docs and it can be viewed here

Some questions that came out of the discussion were –


1) Businesses are aligned in types of products that can be sold ? 

What are the 5 top segments of customers ( irrespective of product) that come to your website

2) Cross Sell- What are the top 10 products ( irrespective of whether you own them or not) that can be sold to your customer database

3) Who are the top dis satisfied customers of your competitors ?

4) Businesses change every year . How many times are reporting systems over hauled completely to reflect the change – say once in six months?

5) How many employees go in for self funded  training once a year ?

Overall , a great discussion and hopefully it helps you answer the above questions too.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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