Cutting Employee Costs not Employees.




  • use more contractors. use company alumni rather than out of town contractors as this saves the time for them to get up to speed.


  • use more skype rather than phones. get over the headphones discomfort. It is better than the unemployment discomfort.


  • use more WebEX meetings than flying people around. Money you save for your company will help you in retaining others, and yourselves. Most of the airlines money goes to the foreign oil providers anyways.


  • shop for cheaper open source software than blindly approve annual license fees.  this can save you more money than you think and is less complex. Dont go for 100 % either -or solution. Example replace 20 % of your desktops with open office , rather than microsoft office renewals.


  • use more variable linked bonus than flat fees for salaries. this helps separates the grain from the chaff. And improve revenue and cut costs rather than employees.



Each unemployed person is a drag on the economy that will take social security that YOU will pay anyways. Employed people spend money on groceries , movies and provide even more jobs or potential markets.


Mahatma Gandhi once said – Be Indian , Buy Indian. It helped India get rid of the British Empire.

Once in a while, think about paying a small premium for being American , buying American

Author: Ajay Ohri

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