Book Extract – Beer is good for the Economy

Previously- An introduction to Sixth Street


On Wednesday, the younger members of the project team decided to head out on their own. We wanted to stay out on Sixth street , Austin longer than the previous outing which had been cut short to eight thirty pm.The younger members of the project team were a diverse mixture.This included Tom, a white guy from rural Michigan, Lee , a Vietnamese -American and actual boat people refugee , Asok, a bearded guy from South India, another collegue from India – Sanjay , who was actually from Nepal and me the thin tall Punjabi Indian. Together we consitutued a mini United Nations commitee exploring weightier problems of the Austin beer economy.

The news all the week had been about of Wall Street crashes , so it was a comic relief to see a sign called ” Beer is Good for the Economy”. Literally and figuratively this was true. Beer is one of the last products manufactured in the United States. A visit to any local shopping mall to search for American products could be very frustrating as I would find out later. You might as well have landed in China , such is the overwhelming dominance of China made goods. Anyways, as we were about to pull in the parking lot – Tom decided to call his wife. Just as he called up, I shouted -“Hey Tom, Where are the lap  dances”. Tom gave me his all American -glare ,muttered “Tick”, only to be interrupted from some loud noise from his cell phone.” What was that about ,Toooom!” , said a plainly irritaed voice from the cell phone. Tom turned from man to dutiful husband . “Nothing sweety n, just one of the Indians -Nepalese chaps, they are quite randy” he said in a cajoling voice. Another global phenomenon , I thought to myself. The sheepish husband controlled by remote control on the cell phone. I had more things in common with America than I thought.


Anyways we entered the restraunt ,only to find it was Thai food served with Thai-American waitress, not the usual college All American in short skirts (an undeclared and important fact finding mission of our United Nations commitee). The guys collectively gave a quizzical look to our team’s Chinaman ,Lee, who turned sheepish, shrugged and loudly said ” Welcome to Thai food, guys !”.


Next – Thai food .


Note-This is from the upcoming Book tentaively titled “Flying with the Cougars”, . It is completely fictionalized and exaggerated from any reality. Cougars refers to older women in America who prey on younger men, and is a funny term as referred in the Ocean 13 movie.Most air hostess in the US are thirty plus. The book talks of a two week visit to Austin, Texas by a brown guy from India.All rights reserved.Please contact me for publishing or movie rights.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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