A Prayer to the Killed-Updated

A Prayer to the Killed
Kill the mullahs who rain terror
Kill the Jews who fire the missiles
Inspiring the mullahs to hit back
Kill the white men who arm them both
Kill the brown, the black, and the yellow men
Who are so busy killing,
They forget the art of living
Kill all the killers
Kill em all
BUT after you hunt down the hunters, my friend
Say a prayer for the innocent gone
The ones who didn”t know why they were dying
Who jumped a hundred floors
To avoid the burning of their skin.
Say a prayer for the people who were trying to save them
And couldn”t save themselves
A prayer for the people who struggled and died in the air
Rather than kill some more on the ground
Say a prayer for the dead, the dying and the coming dead
Kill the killers
But know what forced them to hate you so much
And pray for the killed
Whether they are yours or the enemy”s, my friend


(written after September 11,2001. Unfortunately it is relevant again due to bomb blasts in India)

Author: Ajay Ohri


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