Monetizing my Linked In network

This are the stats of my linked in network.

Now having 3219 contacts is clearly more valuable than 32 contacts. But the quality of contacts is important as well.I manage two groups on Linkedin ,Decision Stats and Creative Destruction, have got 1 job , lots of CXO level contacts , got ideas for two websites (including this one), been interviewed once for a website ( and get increasing numbers of recruiter calls everyday. But how do I convert this value into a number.

So whats the true economic value of my Linked In network.

1) Lets assume each contact has a minimum value of 10 cents. This is to remove duplication and negate the effect of Linkedin Open Networkers or LIONs.

2) Lets assume each CXO level contact is worth 5 dollars.Thats about 300 CXO networkers.

3)Lets assume each recruiter is worth 1 $. Thats about 500 recruiters.

4) Going forward regional contacts – Lets put the value of a Bay Area contact at 2$ while New York Contact at 1.1 $. New York contacts are less helpful when it comes to technology.

Well, doing the maths I come to a value of 6500 USD or a utility value of around 2 $ per contact. Now compare this with Linkedin ‘s valuation which is at 1 billion for 25 million people. Thats 40 USD per unique contact.

So my calculation assumes a duplication of 40/2 =20 times atleast. Which is reasonable. This assumes of course that LI gets the same value for each contact that I do, which may or may not be true.

So whats the value of your Linkedin Network today. 🙂

Author: Ajay Ohri

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