Cloud Computing (Cooler and Lower)

The changes in Google Docs means that cloud computing now enables you to imbed web like objects in mundane spreadsheets (for free) and also allows you to backup your Google Docs using the Google Gears application.The Google gadgets are also nifty like displaying Gannt charts.

You can collaborate on a spreadsheet on the internet also

With these changes- Google Docs is more than a big alternative to Windows Office- especially thanks to much lower initial  costs, and zero maintainace costs. Also with the offline Google Gears backup,you do have access to your data even without the internet, it allows you to de facto create a cloud version of Windows OS -My Briefcase .

Not 100 % of the data or office documents within an organization need to reside locally. Yet System administrators continue to resist Google docs (because well you don’t need system administrators once you totally get into this cloud computing business).

Of course, Google will need to address privacy and ownership issues, which given its battles with retail data will cast a cloud on it’s cloud for the corporate version of the retail services.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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