Fast R Graphics

So you don’t know R  because you were always working on office projects and did not have time to learn. The R list looked down on you and told you to read the documentation first. And then you needed to create some fast R graphics and some R code.

Help is here-

Download R from,install it

open it-go to packages> set CRAN Mirror > to your country from drop down

type following in the R GUI near the ‘ >’ prompt-

“install.packages(“rattle”, dependencies=TRUE)”

so it should loook like

>install.packages(“rattle”, dependencies=TRUE)

Wait 15 minutes while downloads happen

Then packages>load package>rattle

Type rattle() at the command prompt

Now – in the new window called Rattle

load data from a .csv file using the browse options

click execute

Go straight to Explore-and click on distibutions.

Note you can also download rattle from , these guys are the best.

Here are the graphs


But what about the code (note some variable names disguised).The code may be intimidating to a novice R user but it is auto generated , its like jumping straight to SAS Enterprise without learning SAS Editor-

Go to the last tab -log and

see the auto generated code.


Author: Ajay Ohri

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