Get (or Atleast Try ) Clicky

After writing about various tools on online analytics, a good favorite is Clicky from

It is recommended especially to WordPress users because it has a customized WP Plugin (which means all the fun without any of the code), has an affiliate referral program (it’s a tough economy !) and can help you track individual visitors with a great deal of analytical value.

You can view the site for their own benefit list.

Short of actually building a click stream capturing application (which is quite useful for tracking and building models for web mining), clickstream data is extremely helpful in generating insights as it is at a record /visitor level and can be sliced /diced and viewed for your custom insights.

As for building automated models using web data, their is another software from Kxen ( They have been around for some time , though losing out on a couple of big chances , but their web scoring module is definitely worth a dekko.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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