Surprising Hi5 and networking within social networks

Recently I visited my old account at Hi5 and was extremely surprised at the changes.

1) Much cleaner layout

2) and a lot of good looking applications (minus the Facebook Application Spam) with familiar faces from Rock You etc etc.

I guess the Google Social API seems to be working. Which leads me to ponder , since most people prefer to visit atmost 2-3 social networks , and will soon  have the ability to port material across social networks,

could there be a new wave of IPO’s and mergers and acquisitions in Social Networks to capture and consolidate audiences.

Much will depend upon Google itself (as it tries to lift the whole internet advertising industry all alone with a potential Yahoo deal)  or the Return of the Sith from Redmond who could buy , bully and  bludgeon their way into the new web 2.0 especially with Rich Internet Applications (like Silverlight from Microsoft coming) and Google facing anti trust scrutiny for a change.

Watch this space! Till then play Triumph on either My Space or FaceBook

Obama battles Clinton over the Guamanians

Both Clinton and Obama say they’ve got the better health plan for Guamanians.

Obama said in an interview with Pacific Daily News that he would support reexamination of a $5.4 million Medicaid spending limit imposed on the territory. Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, told KUAM radio earlier that his wife would work to remove the cap.

Hillary Clinton also has called for Guamanians to be able to vote in presidential elections.

That was from a NY Times Story………

Now here is Iwanna crib’s perspective

If George W Bush called people from Greece as Grecians what would he call people from Guam.

Johnny McCain cant distinguish his Sunnis from his Shias but wants to fight one and ally with the other.

Can John Mc Cain distinguish Guamanians .Last heard he said he was held five years prisoner there. Only to tell he was misquoted by the f**kinf reporters.

Some nostalgic Yahoo features

1) Music Launch cast is the best free Radio on Yahoo messenger

2) My Yahoo is much better than iGoogle

3) Yahoo Groups were the first and still leading e-groups.

4) Yahoo messenger lost out to Skype and Gtalk but its now interchangeable with MSN contacts. The add-ins are great and the avatars are still unmatched. Plus add-ins that are twitter compatible, facebook reachable for status changes.Open Social should ensure some Facebook Games /Apps reach there too

5) The new Email look is a cross between Outlook and Gmail…but its cool.And better than hotmail/livemail.

6) Yahoo Buzz, Yahoo Answers are  good.So is Yahoo pictures.

7) The search engine ads are better left to Google.Thats underway taking out the last bottleneck.

8) Yahoo finance is still one of the best financial data sites.

9) Its still an old fashioned cluttered site…for nostalgia this is the best. Also has a host of options .Especially like Pipes.

No wonder Jerry Yang is squeezing Ballsmer of Micro-Soft for more money .

i-google.GIF       my-yahoo.GIF

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