Cutting Office Overheads to Almost Zero

You need to work from home.

Here is what you need-

1) Bandwidth – Broad band

Bandwidth fallback – In case the broad band fails. This should ideally be a wireless kind of modem.

Same goes for your PC s ,backup data online or in your seperate PC .

Have one UPS handy.

2) Communication – Use Skype or Gtalk

3) Email Addresses – In case you do not have your own web server, GMAIL offers most flexibilty because you can use outlook with it . Plus GTALK is loaded with it.

4) Remote Access – Use in Built Features of Microsoft like

a) remote desktop connection (Start -Programs-Accessories-Communication)

b) net meeting (Start- run – type -conf and press enter )

5) Software costs – Use remote applications to connect to Pcs which are pre installed with required software to ensure all software in your org is utilized 24 * 7 .

or use open source and freeware

(like open office ,

google apps,

avg anti virus,

zone alarm firewall,

download accelerator,

ubuntu linux,

mozilla firefox)

Try and test this on 10 % of your staff for three months and note the difference in costs. Then scale up/down depending on experience.

Author: Ajay Ohri

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