The Air Force

 From an Article in Time on US Air Force  demands for extra funds.
1)  Days earlier, Carlson said that today’s U.S. Air Force “simply cannot fight and win against the fleet of airplanes that have been developed and are flying in India, China, and so forth,” a claim questioned by many experts. But his view has been reinforced by the companies employing 25,000 workers in 44 states building the F-22 — the prime contractor is aerospace giant Lockheed Martin — and their allies in Congress.

Now what is flying in India is a fleet of Mig 21 s that are two decades old, and cant dare take on Pakistan, leave the United States. That’s right, they cant blame the Russians for the money so blame India.

2) And if you thought your wife spent a lot….

More than $1 billion is being sought for 11 passenger planes, seven of them Gulfstream Vs favored by Apple’s Steve Jobs and Sir Elton John (no mention of any Required Force justification here).

Then there’s the line item seeking 100,600 handguns (there are 330,000 people in the Air Force) featuring “improved ergonomic design and higher caliber effectiveness” at $1,157 a pop. The service also wants 210,000 M-4 carbines at $1,747 a clip.

Author: Ajay Ohri

One thought on “The Air Force”

  1. Indian Airforce flies SUKOHI 30 MK I which is defentely better than any aircraft like F16 which Pakistan has.Ofcourse it cannot take on F22 as per theory. But the american airforce pilots who had air /air to combat with indian airforce pilots in kalaikunda airforce base recently in 2007 have grudging respect for their counterparts.MIG 21 IS long mouth balled most probably by F18 or MIG 35.

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