Ballmer + Yahoo = Google’s Boo Hoo

” I am going to fucking kill Google” Quote alleged to Steve Ballmer , 2005-6 ,due to Google’s poaching of engineers.

The following  scenario is completely a  work of fiction.kill-goo.JPG

11 Ways Ballmer and Yahoo can kill Google –

1)  Make their search engine better ,try combining the cache , and retrival queries at least for the first page, use some innovation like and rather than pain vanilla search.. Maybe some more billions to buy out —- But thats the toughest

2) Poach engineers from Google —- Thats hard

3) Combine their online ,offline advertising forces and spin it off in a different company. So there is one software company and one media company.

 4) Use Gmail’s emails feature to give more space and advertise based on email content in yahoo email and hotmail. Cross promote OfficeLive on Yahoo and vice versa.

5)PRICE-  Offer key words in a cheaper version of Adwords. Start offering an free alternative to Adsense AND SQUEEZE the long tail of Google’s revenue.

6)Use the facebook deal to sell more ads, give better ROI to advertisers, and monitor click fraud using Microsoft’s OS.

7) Buy out for the wordpress and get a social community (facebook stake enhancement ??)

8) Offer desktop advertising as a freeware for some microsoft programs .

9)Tweak explorer to click repeatedly or not at all or at a slower speed on all ads that have the words ads by Google.

10) Make all Yahoo sites and Microsoft off search by Google, but searchable by yahoo.

11) Hire lawyers to repeatedly file anti trust cases against Google 🙂

Author: Ajay Ohri

One thought on “Ballmer + Yahoo = Google’s Boo Hoo”

  1. hello ohri,
    nice entry.
    but one should remember that the cyber real estate is owned more or less by google.
    think about youtube, orkut and blogspot.
    apart from this they more or less scan every single webpage on the net which would mean that they have an imprint over almost all of the cyberspace. Infact, they decide the who is who of cyber space.
    i don’t know how the suggestions made by you would make much of an impact on the dominance of google in the short to medium term.
    p.s: i forgot to add mobile space!

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