Fast Five -The Review

This is probably the best 5th in an action series sequel I have seen ( though Rocky Number 6 comes close, but Star Wars 5/6 dont)

The sheer chemistry between cars, action, big beef, beautiful iconic imagery, and nice music. This is XXX meets Ocean Eleven meets Welcome to the Jungle. Dwayne the rock Johnson continues to impress with his iconic imagery and so does Vin Diesel. The remaining actors are used tastefully and with much better direction than in some other Fast and Furious movies.

The interactions and interplays between sets, scene and people are clever, the actors know how to act, and fight . and drive.

When it comes to Car movies, you have to give to the Damn Yankees (though the French did come close with Taxi -, but not the fifth element Taxi)

Watch. It. Now. with a beer and chips. and all your homies.

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