Use swirl to learn and teach R very very easily and interactively #rstats

I really love this new package for making R easy to learn ( and ergo to teach) . See swirl

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a clever and painstaking way to teach R – this one deserves kudos to the package creators

Author: Nick Carchedi [aut, cre],

Bill Bauer [aut],

Gina Grdina [aut],

Sean Kross [aut]


A typical swirl session has a user load the package from the R console, choose from a menu of options the course he or she would like to take, then work through 10-15 minute interactive modules, each covering a particular topic.

A module generally alternates between instructional text output to the user and prompts for the user to answer questions.

One question may ask for the result of a simple numerical calculation, while another requires the user to enter an actual R command (which is parsed and executed, if correct) to perform a requested task.

Multiple choice, text-based and approximate numerical answers are also fair game.

Whenever the user answers a question incorrectly, immediate feedback is given in the form of a hint before prompting her to try again.

Finally, plots, figures, and even videos may be incorporated into a module for the sake of reinforcing the methods or concepts being taught.

Note I really hope people who have been passionate about creating the wonderful tutorials and slides for R take a second or two to demo the CRAN package “swirl”

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Hopefully we can see Big Data or even R Hadoop Tutorials on swirl soon


The following are some of our more popular courses:

  • R Programming
  • Regression Models (in progress)
  • Data Analysis
  • Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp
  • Open Intro




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