Who really killed The Joker ?

Was it the studio and director that pushed him over the edge.

Playing a man with a painted face. Day in .Day out. Take after Take.

All in the name of excellence. But its the money that wanted.

Was it his loneliness. From the estrangement of the mother of his son.Because actress wives need high maintainability not creativity.

When the body was found, the police report was delayed, till she was informed by the maid first.

Was it the drugs he took. To fall asleep from the insomnia

When the nightmares come from playing someone else

day in day out.How did the Knight tale ended with the Darker Knight.

Was it God. Who called back his beloved child

Because HE loved him so much he called him back to heaven.

Was it the Devil. As in the song “American Pie”

Was it the medical explanation of accidental overdosing from a variety of chemicals.

Who sold him those chemicals? Did he need them.

And in those last moments, as he choked on his vomit to breathe.

Who did Heath Ledger see.

Loving him.†††††††††††††††† Leaving him.††††††††††††† Pushing him.†††††††††††††††††††† Killing him.

(PS -Republished from August 24,2008 .Heath Ledger is in contention for the Oscar posthumous)

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