SAS Analytics :Google Earth and Lex Jansen’s Site

Google earth stores values into KML files . These are almost like XMl file formats. The zipped versions of the KML file is the KMZ file .(It beats me why Google Wanted to create a zipped file format for KML ,since most KML files are extremely small).

To do any geo-coding analysis with Google Earth, here are two SAS papers from Lex Jansen’s terrific site.


Put Your Customers on the Map: Integrating SAS/GRAPH and Google Earth

Daniel Kuiper, Koen Vyverman (SAS Global Forum, 2008-03)



2) Using SAS and Google Earth to Access and Display Air Pollution Data

Joshua Drukenbrod, David Mintz (SAS Global Forum, 2008-03)


These two papers are great in the way they use Google Earth for geo coding analysis and visual representation. They however require SAS to be licensed with you.

Lex Jansen ‘s site is generally considered the de facto site to search for analytics especially related to SAS.