Data Science for Free

The following articles on LinkedIn gained almost 50000 views and 500 likes collectively

Data Science Education- Some people charge Rs 90000 rs for bootcamp. Some charge few hundred thousand rs for a diploma. Dont be an donkey to fall for these scams as they wont give you a job. Learning is free !! .

Everything you need to learn in data science is free online. Just be methodical and cover topics . SAS learning free is free on e-learning, SAS On Demand for Academics, and SAS University Edition

R and Python learning is free in websites like kaggle, kd nuggets, coursera, codeacademy, edx , datacamp,,, analyticsvidhya hee-haw hee-haw hashtag#machinelearning hashtag#datascience

if you sign up for free here you get 2 months of free

Dont be a DONKEY , Do homework before selecting paid study since huge material exists free already Some tricks DONKEY ACADEMY OF DATA SCIENCE uses to capture students into suckers giving money ignorant of facts

1) Tell about huge shortage of data scientists while not telling how many % students got a job within six months. Instead they tell you about a dozen companies which hired their students – amazing since they also claim thousands of students which is also inflated number)

2) Disguise costs (25000 for six weeks but 90000 for six months making you think the six months one is a bargain BUT IT is a trap)

3) Deceptive discounts- inflating price and giving either 10-15% discount or making some other course free

4) Using SEO and blog articles to give impression they do highly complicated work (they dont)

5) Cross selling other courses which are irrelevant (like selling IOT and Analytics together

6) Paying leading blogs (esp Indian) for ads and getting a genuine looking mention in interview, or list of top ten institutes or list of top ten data scientists for their instructor

7) Not telling things like git, data preprocessing, missing value imputation, feature selection on real life datasets instead of iris

From comments-

Most importantly they tell you that you don’t need mathematics at all or just a slight of mathematics to be the Data Scientist and also they are getting subsidies under NSDP without any or least regulation

one more deceptive practice is blogs offering paid content /interviews/ lists of rankings in return of money as ads on blog or other blog (conference/ hackathon /community pages)

I’ve seen all most all institutes(and a few e-learning sites) have good reviews/ratings on the net. Interestingly, the institutes reply to “negative reviews” claiming that the name is not present in their db. People even post fake quora answers.BUT! I believe there are good institutes with quality trainers, one just needs to go through genuine reviews.

If information asymmetry is the problem in data science education solution is making the free courses more widely known

Learn SAS

SAS Studio – SAS OnDemand

Learn R (note link for 2 months free datacamp above or at ) for reference

90 two minute videos on R

Many Courses by

Learn Python

see more courses at

when people smoke (behavior) and they know that smoking causes cancer (cognition), they are in a state of cognitive dissonance . Same is the case with people payng a tonne for courses and knowing the material is available free

so Dont be a donkey, be a race horse. Learn on free sites and test on kaggle, building up a profile on stack overflow and github.

Shun these DONKEY ACADEMY that charge you 90000 or 40000 for free content.

Donkeys carry load and are slow , Racehorses can do many things and are fast. Dear Student, Be a race horse

Author: Ajay Ohri

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