Sentiment Manipulation using fake entities in social media

Some examples of sentiment manipulation are

  1. Reviews (at Amazon for Books and Rotten Tomatoes)- By writing a few bad reviews early on, the fake reviewer can choke sales. This is similar to the fake facebook page to give Bad reviews to Black Panther recently ( see and
  2. Sustained sentiment manipulation by Twitter tweets and Facebook groups. Since all social media depend on email for authentication and since the email providers rarely share IP address login information with social media networks, this enables trolls to create a few email addresses every hour followed by few social media accounts every hour. Tor and One Touch VPN are examples of IP address masking
  3. Network effects- people tend to infer that social media accounts having larger number of followers or a retweet having larger retweets is credible compared to smaller accounts. This is thus a ripe area for deception

(to be continued-)

Author: Ajay Ohri

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