Random Sample with Hive and Download results

Random Selection

select * from data_base.table_name
where rand() <=0.01
distribute by rand()
sort by rand()
limit 100000;

Download Manually

Run the Hive Query.

When it is finished, scroll down to where results are and use the download icon (fourth from top)









Download from Hive Programmatically

Use MOBAXTERM to connect to server

Use VI/VIM to put query in a .hql file. Use i to insert and :wq to save and exit

Use nohup to run and direct the .hql results to a file

[ajayuser@server~]$ mkdir ajay

[ajayuser@server~]$ cd ajay

[ajayuser@serverajay]$ ls

[ajayuser@serverajay]$ vi agesex.hql

[ajayuser@serverajay]$ mv agesex.hql customer_demo.hql

[ajayuser@serverajay]$ ls


[ajayuser@serverajay]$ nohup hive -f customer_demo.hql >>  log_cust.${date}.log;

[ajayuser@serverajay]$ nohup: ignoring input and redirecting stderr to stdout


To check progress

[ajayuser@serverajay]$ tail -f log_cust.${date}.log

Author: Ajay Ohri


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