A Tutorial at Statisticviews.com

I just wrote a tutorial on SAS language here at Statisticviews.com

SAS was the first statistical language I learnt, followed by R, Python, Julia..

Of course the first language I learnt was in school BASIC

Here is a tutorial on SAS language again for learners, it uses the SAS University Edition


SAS (pronounced “sass”) once stood for “statistical analysis system” but now is known simply as SAS. It is a computer language for statistical computing. Much before the term data science, business analytics and business intelligence was coined, SAS was created at North Carolina State University to do the important and useful task of turning raw data into analysis using code and statistics.

SAS System is a suite of products that SAS Institute has been selling since 1976.

Jim Goodnight has been the CEO and vision behind the growth of SAS language since almost 40 years now. John Sall has made additional contributions to statistics by creating JMP (interviewed here at StatisticsViews )

SAS Institute has consistently ranked as one of the best employers within USA. However recently R and Python languages have challenged traditional share of SAS language in statistical computing, while SPSS has been acquired by IBM.

Tutorial Overview

This tutorial is here to help a reader with learning the simple  SAS language, and perhaps to inspire other languages to be both simple and responsive to a wide diversity of users from beginners to advanced, from academics to enterprises of various sizes and in geographies. The tutorial is based on SAS Studio interface given for free in the SAS University Edition.




Python Tutorial at


Author: Ajay Ohri


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