Some thoughts on the Revolution Sellout

The revolution will not be televised, brother –Gil Scott-Heron


Veteran R Community members must recall R founder’s Ross Ihaka ‘s warning against Revolution Analytics not being truly open source,

and the sale to Microsoft will be keeping Revolution R open source in the time being ,

it did proved Ross Ihaka was right.

How do you help create an open source revolution in statistics by selling a company to Microsoft beats me.

And how do you just take 6000 packages for free from open source community, add 6-9 packages of your own and then repackage the bundle as a new innovation?

Even though Revolution analytics created 3 CEO JOBs,including SPSS founder Norman Nie, and 1 name change  (from computing to analytics) and  1 mass firing ( with a 50% layoff they wont be winning the best employer award),  in the end what drives software is lots of sales and not lots of blogs

(quoting Larry Ellison‘s purchase of Sun ).

In addition

love for computing and not hypocrisy on love for money should drive science.

A potato is a potato.

In Australia or Seattle or San Fransisco

Author: Ajay Ohri

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