Predictive Analytics Available for Everyone by DMWay

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Predictive Analytics Available for Everyone
Featured in, April 2016
DMWAY is highlighted for its ability to empower organizations to streamline predictive modeling and improve their competitive edge!

Understanding your data is more important than ever as a means of differentiation. Industries as diverse as Fintech, Ecommerce, Marketing, Digital Advertising, Utilities, Health Care, and Communication services are all investing in these new transformative techniques. However, building predictive analytics models can still time-consuming, costly and risky. DMWAY transforms the way predictive analytics is perceived by giving everyone the ability to build better predictive models in hours; accessible and affordable both large and small organizations.

Forbes Quote
“DMWAY is a good example of how automation is best discussed as human augmentation rather than human replacement, as it facilitates analyst-machine collaboration. The human race may indeed go places when data scientists-both of the highly skilled and of the “citizen” varieties-are supplied with tools that increase their productivity and the accuracy of models that drive decisions”

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Gil Press
Thought Leader

The DMWAY Solution
Your own data scientist, a self-service analytics platform that puts you on the fast track to automated predictive analytic algorithms for making data-driven predictions and decisions. Built by a team of internationally renowned data science experts, DMWAY’s data solution emulates the way data scientist experts solve & optimize predicative analytics, producing models better than most human data science experts.

“Our goal is to break the barriers of predictive analytics, democratizing machine learning for all types of organizations looking to get into data analytics or scale up. Whether you’re a beginner or big data expert, predictive analytics is now available to everyone for generating models that hold years of “data science” experience in it.” – Gil Nizri, CEO, DMWAY
We are excited to meet with you during the SF Predictive Analytics World Conference, April 4-5th, and show you everything we have to offer your business. If you like what you hear, test our trial at no cost and start building models faster than any of your peers.

DMWAY Analytics offers demo presentations and training To learn more, contact, or visit us at

Author: Ajay Ohri

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