Slideshare for DataScience

I increasingly use Slideshare since the past few years for dumping my Presentations or material I read and want to  share. While Google Docs remains my tool of choice for making Presentations, is just a one click upload and gets a wide audience for my presentations. I also like just browsing through for stuff as in or searchingScreenshot from 2016-01-02 20:35:53

Plus I can embed it a much easier to read format for a ready to go blog post. Even my latest slideshare on a Py data science tutorial got 8000+ views in a single week ( of Christmas … hmm)


These are my stats (all time and last year). You can get yours at

Screenshot from 2016-01-02 20:33:33

Screenshot from 2016-01-02 20:33:56


Author: Ajay Ohri

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